IPrA 2021

International Pragmatics conference 2021

Panel “Cross-linguistic approaches to requests for confirmation

chaired by Katharina König & Martin Pfeiffer

Monday, 28th June 2021 | Stage: Carla del Ponte

Pfeiffer | König: Requests for confirmation across languages – A first quantitative overview
Ehmer | Küttner: Challenge me softly – Requests for confirmation as devices for implementing challenging and other disagreement-implicative actions
Kim: Requests for confirmation in Korean conversation
2 Gubina | Deppermann | Betz: Beyond Confirmation: Continuations, Topic Elaborations and Accounts in Response to RfC
Satti: Requests for verification across varieties of Spanish – A comparative approach to gaze behavior and response mobilization
Oloff et al.: Confirming multimodally – the role of head nods and facial expressions in responses to requests for confirmation
3 Weber | Gipper: Repeats as responses to requests for confirmation in Low German and Yurakaré
Groß | Gipper: Between confirmation and disconfirmation – Practices for giving a Constrained Confirmation to Requests for Confirmation in Yurakaré and German
Nagaya: Two ways of requesting confirmation in Tagalog
4 Marmorstein | Szczepek Reed: Requests for commitment in Arabic and English conversation
Gipper et al.: Requests for re-confirmation in four languages
Aldrup: Asking the obvious: Other-repeats as requests for (re)confirmation